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Great solutions start with solid foundations. For decades, DCI has listened to brand marketers and designed custom retail solutions to meet their needs. We’ve leveraged that experience to develop a selection of customizable products and platforms to support some of our most-requested applications. These products have been proven in thousands of installations, saving you time, money and headaches. What could be more appealing?

An abstract illustration of a desktop computer showing statistics, a blue thought bubble is popping out of the screen with an exclamation point inside.

LiveGuide® Digital Content Management

Our proprietary system supports a wide variety of digital solutions. Whether it's simple media screens, interactive touchscreen displays or immersive AR/VR experiences, LiveGuide delivers a dynamic experience that informs your customers.

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An abstract illustration of a UltraGrid merchandising system.

UltraGrid Accessory Merchandising System

Stylish, hard-working fixtures that let you create a high-impact accessory boutique in your showroom or service area.

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An abstract illustration of a single Magna-Mount fixture.

Magna-Mount Graphic System

Designed for retail and commercial spaces, Magna-Mount is a fast, easy and affordable way to keep large brand graphics up to date.

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An illustration of 8 lines, all different lengths, to represent a spray of sanitizer solution from a bottle, three colorful circles make up the background.

SafeTap Hands-Free Sanitizer Dispenser

Keeping hands clean and sanitized has become part of today’s retail environments. The SafeTap Hands-Free Sanitizer Dispenser makes it easier than ever to protect the health and safety of your customers and employees.

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