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The true test of your brand’s customer experience is how consistently it is delivered across every retail location. Audits provide the essential visibility that helps ensure all stores are optimized and fully compliant with your standards. We provide end-to-end compliance and facility audit solutions, such as mystery shopping, physical audits, surveys and intercepts. Whether in-person, online or via phone, our team can give you a clear view as to what’s happening across your network.


Look your best when customers come calling. Retail locations are the face of your brand. You want to be sure every location delivers a memorable experience that is consistent and compliant. Our Audit Services make sure your teams are performing up to your standards.

We seek out inconsistent retail experiences and study them to see what's going well and what's going wrong.

We tailor our audits to each location to meet its specific needs and expectations.

We research competitors' best practices and identify what they do right ... and wrong.

We compile all the data for you and then recommend specific courses of action based on the information.

We believe that disciplined data collection is critical to understanding the state of retail operations, but the true power of an audit comes from transforming data into insights and using them to drive improvements.

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Physical Audits

We provide structured assessments for retail locations. Are fixtures misplaced, misused or out-of-date? Are your retailers complying with brand requirements? We make sure that every location is performing up to your standards by going there to see for ourselves.
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Mystery Shopping

We simulate authentic customer experiences using trained secret shoppers to ensure your real customers are getting the service they deserve. We evaluate strengths and weaknesses, identify training opportunities, and set performance benchmarks with this information.
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We can conduct a broad range of surveys, interviews and focus groups with your customers. They'll tell us the hits and misses from their experience. You can use this data to evaluate and optimize your programs, services, incentives, and offers.
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We help you turn your data into action. Our analytics and insights team provides the reports and dashboards that let you identify the trends and information necessary for effective decision making and compelling action.