Magna-Mount Graphics

Nothing makes an impact like large-format brand graphics but keeping them up to date can be costly and challenging. That’s why we created Magna-Mount. This versatile graphic system makes it quick, easy and affordable for your team to change out large high-impact visuals with a simple peel and press.

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What is it?

Magna-Mount is an innovative graphic system that allows specially coated graphic panels to be securely mounted to large interlocking frames with embedded magnets. With Magna-Mount, you can create large wall murals, overhead signage, freestanding messaging displays and more for maximum visual impact.

A Potbelly Sandwich Shop branded Magna-Mount kit on a grid.


Magna-Mount frames come in two sizes:

  1. 24” x 24” frame (1/2” thick)
    • Applications: Mural, bilon, column wrap
    • Has some flex to fit a large radius
  2. 18′′ x 18′′ frame (1” thick)
    • Applications: Mural or trilon
    • More rigid – best left flat

Frames are normally molded in black, but white is also available.

An unbranded Magna-Mount kit on a grid.


An abstract illustration of wall-mounted fixture.


An abstract illustration of a Trilon fixture.


An abstract illustration of a bilon fixture.


An abstract illustration of a column wrap fixture.

Column Wrap

An abstract illustration of a hanging fixture.


Save Time & Money

Magna-Mount graphic panels go up in minutes and are packaged in small cartons, providing easier storage and handling than most large-format graphics and lower shipping costs.

Abstract illustration of a singular Magna-Mount fixture going into a blue box with a small dollar sign next to it to represent savings.


Magna-Mount has many environmentally friendly components including:

    • Frames are reused for every graphic update
    • Graphic panels can be stored and used again
    • Small packaging foot print
    • Recyclable frames are recyclable
Illustrated outline of a recycling symbol with polka dotted abstract shapes behind it.


Magna-Mount frames are easy to install using standard wall anchors. DCI also offers a nationwide network of installers if needed.

A Magna-Mount system kit with each piece lifted slightly further above its box to show the various parts. The background has a faded picture of a person installing the kit and an illustrated outline of a triangle.