At DCI we understand the power of a shared vision. As we begin to delve into a project, we work to gather relevant insights, challenges, and goals before crafting them into a unified point of view. This central vision works to align everyone on the job to be done. We then utilize research to bring clarify objectives and bring unforeseen barriers to light early in the process.
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Research and unbiased information gathering are imperative to the success of any program. At DCI we use a wide array of tools and methodologies to ensure that we understand everything about your business objectives, your customers, and your retailers.
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Our holistic approach ensures that the work we do is grounded in relevant and focused insights that will stand up against real world challenges. We use everything from voice of the customer/client research and customer journey mapping to prototypes, pilots, and field tests to ensure every facet of your project is understood and thoughtfully considered.
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At DCI, we know that great ideas can come from anywhere. Our collaborative approach uses workshops and brainstorms to quickly gather a wide range of solutions and perspectives. Tapping into our collective experience ensures highly relevant and creative ideas that meet your specific objectives.
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Program Goals

We take pride in the success of our programs. To ensure we provide true and sustained value, goals for each program are rooted in data and behavioral insights and set early in the process. As we progress, goals are continually refined and KPIs and measurement tactics are set.