Data and behavioral analytics are foundational to any successful retail program. We use multidimensional analytics and reporting, along with post-implementation assessments, to evaluate program effectiveness, address in-field realities, and uncover opportunities for optimization and continuous evolution.

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Reporting & Analytics

It’s impossible to prove success without measurement. That’s why all DCI programs feature transparent and ongoing reporting. Using data grounded in consumer behavior, we track against relevant KPIs to uncover actionable insights. Our robust data integration capabilities add context to your effort. In-depth reports and in-depth analysis are available for deeper discovery.
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Post-Implementation Research and Audits

Post-implementation research provides deeper insights on retail usage, allowing for further program refinement and optimization. Using consumer intercept surveys, retailer interviews, secret shoppers, location audits and discrete sensors that monitor customer interactions, DCI keeps a pulse on your programs to ensure their ongoing success.